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Founded in 1919, Zonta International is a global organization of executives and professionals working together to advance the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy. With more than 30,000 members belonging to more than 1,200 Zonta Clubs in 65 countries and geographic areas, Zontians all over the world volunteer their time, talents and support to local and international service projects, as well as scholarship programs aimed at fulfilling Zonta's mission and objectives.
"Zonta" means honest and trustworthy and is derived from the Lakhota (Teton Dakota), a language of the Native-American Sioux peoples. It was adopted in 1919 to symbolize the combined qualities of honesty and trust, inspiration and the ability to work together for service and world understanding.

The symbol of ZONTA is yellow rose, registered internationally under the name "Hartanna". The "Zonta Rose" was introduced at the 1984 Sydney Convention. Since 1999, it has served as the symbol of Zonta Rose Day, which falls on 8 March and coincides with International Women's Day. On this special day, Zontians worldwide are encouraged to publicly distribute yellow roses or items bearing the image of yellow roses, accompanied by information about Zonta International and issues relating to improving the lives of women.
  • To improve the legal, political, economic, educational, health and professional status of women at the global and local level through service and advocacy.
  • To work for the advancement of understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of executives in business and the professions.
  • To promote justice and universal respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.
  • To be united internationally to foster high ethical standards, to implement service programs, and to provide mutual support and fellowship for members who serve their communities, their nations, and the world.
  • In face of the rapid and continuously changing environment in the lives of women around the world, every 2 years, Zonta would review its goals to ensure that we Zontians are always able to make timely and positive contributions in our own unique way to live up to our mission of advancing the status of women worldwide.
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    2014-2016 ZI Biennium goals:


    2014-16 ZI District 17 biennium goals:


    Zonta Club of Kowloon District 17 Area:

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    Awards & Scholarships
    Since 1928, Zonta International has addressed challenges to women's equality in science, business, public affairs and government by providing critical financial support through programs funded by the Zonta International Foundation.
    Amelia Earhart Fellowship

    Established in 1938, this is awarded annually to women pursuing Ph.D./ doctoral degrees in aerospace-related sciences or aerospace-related engineering. The Fellowship of US$10,000 is awarded to 35 Fellows around the globe each year.

    Emma L. Conlon Service Award

    Established in 1962, the Emma L. Conlon Service Awards recognize Z clubs and Golden Z clubs whose projects and programs best express the ideals of Zonta International through local and international service and advocacy to advance the status of women worldwide. First place clubs receive US$1,000; second place clubs receive US$500; and third place clubs receive US$250. The award money is to be used for the club's service projects.

    Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarships

    Established in 1998, this annual award operates at the Zonta club, district/ region and international levels to help women pursue undergraduate and Master's degrees in business management. Zonta clubs provide awards for club recipients. Zonta International awards scholarships of US$1,000 each at the district/ region level and 12 international scholarships in the amount of US$7,000 each.

    The Young Women in Public Affairs Awards

    Established in 1990, this annual award operates at the Zonta club, district/ region and international levels. It honors young women of age 16 to 19 who demonstrate a commitment to leadership in public policy, government and volunteer organizations. Zonta clubs provide awards for club recipients, and district/ region and international awards are funded by the Zonta International Foundation. District recipients receive US$1,000, and 10 international recipients are selected from the district/ region recipients to receive awards of US$4,000 each.
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    International & District Conference
    Zonta International 17th District 17 Conference

    Zonta International 17th District 17 Conference was successfully held on 13-15 September 2013 in Hong Kong. With 480 delegates, this is one of the biggest conferences in the history of District 17, fully represented by Zontians from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

    Delegates participated in discussions and workshops during the Business Sessions and were motivated by the message of IP Lynn McKenzie and ZIR Anita Schnetzer-Spranger. They were also treated to a colourful array of beautiful costumes, traditional dances and songs during the cultural extravaganza segment of the closing gala dinner highlighting the cultural diversity within District 17.
    Area Meeting cum training on 17 March 2018
    Zonta International 17th District 17 Conference

    The Area Meeting cum training was held on 17 March 2018 at the Chinese General Chamber of Commence. Y. C Hoy as the Area Director was the host there. ZCK had the highest number of participants and took charge of the refreshment to about 100 participants.

    The 62nd Zonta International 2014 Orlando Convention
    The Convention was successfully held on 27 June -1 July 2014, with over 1,300 members and guests of Zonta International from around the globe converging on Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.

    At the Convention, delegates actively participated in discussions and approval of proposal goals for the 2014-2016 biennium. As a result of the delegates' earnest and concerted efforts, other achievements included election of new international officers and board members, adoption of bylaw amendments, and approval of resolutions for international service projects in conjunction with Zonta International-supported United Nations-affiliated agency projects.
    The convention represented many achievements for our District 17 and our Club.
    • Winnie Teoh, a member of our Club and the 2012-14 District 17 Governor, was elected to the Board of Zonta International.

    • District 17, to which our Club belongs, won the Zonta Service Recognition Award for its Educational Strategy for Gender Equality project.

    • At the Convention, the chartering of the new Zonta Club of Macau, sponsored and mentored by our Club, was also confirmed.

    Besides the business sessions, Convention participants enjoyed networking and exchanges with other Zonta clubs worldwide, and past officer reunions as well as opportunities to make new acquaintances in a variety of activities, including workshops, trade show, dinner shows, Taste of the World dinners, fun run/walk and daily tours to visit local sights and attractions.

    In the words of MARIA JOSE LANDEIRA OESTERGAARD, Zonta International's new President 2014-16: "Focusing on our mission advancing the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy - we are strong contributors to the needed change that will ensure the achievement of equal rights for women and the development of women's full potential.

    The proposed goals for next biennium focus on key challenges and position Zonta as one of the main players addressing women's issues. Living up to our mission with conviction, commitment and courage and strengthening every single link of our organization will ensure sustainability and long lasting impact in the lives of women around the world."
    District 17 conference at the Intercontinemtal Bangkok on 18 to 20 September 2015 more pic ....
    Our Club members were out in full force at the District 17 District Conference held in Bangkok in September 2015.

    We are thrilled that our Past President YC Choy was elected as Area Director for the biennium 2016-18.

    Club President Julianne Doe was invited to co-moderate a workshop session entitled "Dimensions of Gender Equality as Impact on Society". Prominent speakers, including ZIP Elect Sonia Honig Schough, spoke of the challenges faced by women in business and politics and the role of Zonta in focussing on these challenges. At the end of the workshops, resolutions were adopted to reflect the mission of Zonta going forward in the next biennium.

    Our members participated in the Opening Ceremony Flag Parade and the Closing Ceremony Fashion Show. We also attended the valuable Plenary Sessions and of course did very well with shopping at the fabulous on-site Bazaar!

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