Children & Youth

Children & Youth

11 Februry 2017

On 11 February 2017, Zontians Lolita Ng (Chairperson of the Social Services Committee), Cecilia Yao and Isabelle Young visited Benji Centre, a social enterprise serving children with hearing.


14 January 2017

The ZCK has, for three consecutive years, sponsored the HPV vaccination Project to safeguard the underprivileged girls (including the ethic minorities) in Shamshuipo, Tin Shui Wai, Tsuen Wan and Wanchai against cervical cancer through the continuing generous support from the Hong Kong Women Doctor Association and various NGOs. the project was successfully concluded by the last round of injections on 14 January 2017 in Tsuen Wan. The young and their parents gave encouraging appreciative feedback to the Project aimed at protecting girls from common but preventable infections associated with cervical cancer.


3 September 2016

Lolita Ng, Chair of the Social Services Committee, was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by the Head of the Caritas Group & Community Work in recognition of the Zonta Club of Kowloon 's support of the Young Mothers Project.


Love Connection Opening on 15 April 2016
15 April 2016

Youth Work Project on "Love Connection"

The Zonta Club of Kowloon has launched a 18-month project named "Love Connection" to help teenage girls in achievement of mature values towards love and courtship. Opening of the project was officiated on April 15, 2016 at the Ma On Centre of HK Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council, the service partner.

Zontian Agnes Koon, Board Director and the President (Designate), gave an inspiring speech at the event, encouraging the young participants to actively participate in the forthcoming activities that ranged from educational workshop, talks, group therapy, drama therapy, camp to interested classes ( e.g. cooking and physical exercise).

Through the activities, the Club aimed to impart positive attitudes and values to the teenage girls, particularly those who felt disoriented and/or hurt in their relationships with the opposite sex, so that they knew how to better protect themselves in handling sexual demands from boyfriends. In the longer term, this might prevent or minimise teenage pregnancy and life-long emotional/psychological damages.

Zontian Susanna Lo (Chairman of the Social Services Committee), Lolita Ng, Cecilia Kuk and Beryl Chan attended the Opening Ceremony in support of this meaningful project.

The event was well attended by about 50 young girls. Quite a number of their boyfriends were present. An educational workshop on "Knowing More About The Opposite Sex" was organised immediately after the Opening Ceremony.


2016 HPV Vaccination
16 January 2016

On 16 January 2016, we continued primary prevention of cervical cancer by giving HPV vaccination to the girls from low-income families.at Kwai Hing Learning Centre of The Open University of Hong Kong with the generous sponsor of Hong Kong Merck Sharp & Dohme MSD and the kind assistance of HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre and in collaboration with doctors from the Hong Kong Women Doctors Association.

Our HPV vaccination project has been deeply honoured to have received HK$70,000 from the Sir Robert Hotung Charitable Fund's 2015 allocation exercise.as a project for the prevention of sickness. The Sir Robert Ho Tung Charitable Fund, one of the major trust funds in Hong Kong, was set up in 1956 with a bequest by the late Sir Robert Ho Tung. The fund is managed by HSBC Trustee (Hong Kong) Limited. Its charitable objects are for the relief of poverty, prevention of sickness and those benefiting the elderly, handicapped and under-privileged.





December 2020

Jockey Club Home for Hospice Sponsorship for 500 bed days at the Jockey Club Home for Hospice for the promotion of Hospice Care, and priority would be given for women. Up to March 2022, 388 patients were benefited.

December 2020

Jockey Club Home for Hospice Sponsorship for 500 bed days at the Jockey Club Home for Hospice for the promotion of Hospice Care, and priority would be given for women. Up to March 2022, 388 patients were benefited.

November 2021

Attending Donor Appreciation ceremony

November 2021
Miranda Chin Dancing Company

Sponsored empowered the female dancers who were graduates of the Academy of Performing Arts suffered from the pandemic and to encourage them in the art marathon in.

January 2022
Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation

Sponsored the organization to provide 200 sessions of integrated individual counselling service for underprivileged women with breast cancer under government’s mammography screening service for one year from.

July 2021

Visit to the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation
July 2022
Caritas Ngau Tau Kok Community Centre - 媽媽身心靈Level Up企劃

Sponsored workshops and activities for women. The objective was to increase the awareness and understanding of grassroot women on psychological health; to strengthen the connection between grassroot women and the community and to build /consolidate the mutual rapport of each other. The project will be implemented upon the COVID-19 situation improved and tentatively in July 2022.

Lymphoma video Project 2019/20

Video is produced in collaboration with Hong Kong Cancer Fund. The educational video is produced by medical/nursing professionals, highlighting useful knowledge and series of physical exercise for management of Lymphedema that frequently occurs after surgical operation, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy for breast cancer treatment. The video is produced in traditional Chinese voice with English subtitles and another in Putonghua with simplified Chinese subtitles.

Project on Holistic Development of Young Mothers
January 2019

Launched in January 2019, Project on Holistic Development of Young Mothers is a joint initiative of our Club with Caritas Hong Kong. The aim is to empower young mothers to achieve economic independence, build self-esteem and become self reliant. Personality dimension workshops were organized in June 2019 to help young mothers (most are unwed mothers) to reconstruct their own lives. Les Beatitudes participated in organizing Sewing Classes. Scholarships were also offered to four selected young mothers to enable them to pursue their vocational training or school programmes. Through education and training, young mothers would be better able to move forward with more confidence and self-esteem.

Zonta Club of Kowloon was awarded ZI Centennial Anniversary Grant, at its 100th anniversary, in recognition of the Project on Holistic Development of Young Mothers conducted jointly with Caritas Hong Kong. At the 2019 ZI Disitrict 17 Conference in Hong Kong, Zonta Club of Kowloon was also awarded District 17 Governor Award for Best Centennial Local Service Projects.

Enhanced Radiotherapy Service for Gynaecological Cancer Patients
21 September 2018

In September 2018, our Club sponsored Department of Clinical Oncology, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital to purchase one set of Venezia applicator for enhanced radiotherapy of gynaecological cancer patients. The new applicator allows adequate dose delivery to a wider spectrum of tumour location and topography, such as pelvic side wall, which is more difficult with conventional brachytherapy applicators. It is safe, more effective and user friendly, giving higher survival rate and reducing the risk of later complications of surrounding organs. The clinical use of Venezia applicator began in November 2018. By the end of April 2019, a total of 21 treatment sessions were offered to 7 cervical cancer patients.

Donation to Les Beatitudes on 6 January 2018
6 January 2018

Agreeing to provide job opportunities for women from underprivileged families who want to and need to work in a flexible arrangement and home environment, ZCK has the pleasure to become the Ruby Sponsor of Les Beatitudes to fund one collage learning workshop for underprivileged mothers and/or children The cheque (HK$50,000) presentation ceremony was held on 6 January 2018.

Visit to Hong Kong Cancer Fund
12 Sep 2017

Zonta Club of Kowloon had the privilege to host a private lunch for the International President Elect Ms Susanne von Bassewitz, when she stopped over Hong Kong before attending Manila Conference.

After the lunch, Lolita Ng had arranged a visit for PE Susanne to visit the Hong Kong Cancer Fund. There was a very thorough presentation by Mrs Sally Lo, CEO of the HK Cancer Fund and Dr Michael Tse of the Institute of Human Performance of HKU on our "Keep Moving Project". They also presented the effect of physical exercise for breast cancer survivor patients' recovery. This research is evidence base. They will further research the different of effect between doing exercise at the Gym and at Centre/home.

Mindfulness Corner Project
May 2017

Zonta Club of Kowloon in May 2017 sponsored the procurement of equipment for setting up a Mindfulness Centre to provide Mindfulness psychological training to female inmates at Nei Kwu Correctional Institution, Hong Kong Correctional Services Department at Hei Ling Chau. The facilities are used for mindfulness meditation as a rehabilitation intervention for treatment for female drug abusers and law offenders.

Keep Moving Project
March 2017

In March 2017, our Club sponsored Hong Kong Cancer Fund on the 'Keep Moving' Project to improve the physical functioning, psychological well-being and quality of life of breast cancer survivors. We collaborated with the Active Health Clinic, Institute of Human Performance of the University of Hong Kong to provide professional training, monitoring and assessment of the programme. Dr Michael Tse of University of Hong Kong presented a progress report on the research findings which has proven the effectiveness of evidence-based exercise intervention for breast cancer survivors. The Institute has also published a research report with acknowledgement of Zonta Club of Kowloon’s contribution to the Project.

2 July 2016

Zontians Lolita Ng and Doreen Kong interviewed the young unwed mother who applied for a scholarship that the Zonta Club of Kowloon sponsored to assist unwed mothers in reengineering their lives by pursuit of formal education or vocational training.

2 July 2016

Zontians Lolita Ng and Doreen Kong met up Carmen Yim, the Supervisor of the Caritas Unwed Mothers Project

1AM - First Action Moment: Self-help & Help Seeking App
March 2016

In March 2016, Zonta Club of Kowloon launched the "1AM App" in collaboration with the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women ("ACSVAW). This is the first Chinese-speaking app worldwide for the prevention of violence and abuse among women and girls providing access to sexual violence resources and vital survival information that allows victims to immediately alert their preset group of trusted friends, family, or emergency services about potentially violent situation. This smartphone app is designed to be a potentially lifesaving alert system and uses technology to empower women and girls to take an active role in the prevention of sexual violence.

The project has received the D.R.E.A.M.S. Achievement Award - Meritorious Newly Conceptualized Advocacy Project at the Zonta International 19th District 17 Conference held in Manila in September 2017.




We care for women of different ages and needs; we care for children and teenage mothers, but we also help elderly parents in the form of equipment sponsorship to Caritas Aged Home More detail >

Project on Prevention & Treatment of Depression Among the Elderly
24 November 2018

Zonta Club of Kowloon in November 2018 sponsored a two-year project of the Hong Kong Women Foundation Limited Ho Kwok Pui Chun Neighbourhood Elderly Centre. The project is an outreach effort aims to enrich the lives of the elderly. Programmes and activities were developed providing home visits, workshops, art and craft classes, educational seminars, group art therapy and social activities to foster closer communal relationships and active ageing. It also aims to provide social support and raise public awareness to help promote positive mental health and combat with the increased prevalence of depression.


4 June 2022

Funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club, and supported by 4 Legislative Councillors including Zn Doreen Kong, distribution of 1000 food packs to residents of Po Tin Estate.


28 October 2021

Opening ceremony of “Family Harmony Space” in Yuen Long

18 Nov 2017

Lolita Ng, Chairperson of the Social Services Committee, was with the new Commissioner of the Correctional Services Department, Mr. Terence Lam at a departmental function.


Visit to Hei Ling Chau on 24 May 2017
24 May 2017

The board Zonta Club of Kowloon has approved the sponsorship for the purpose of setting up of a mindfulness corner in Nei Kwu Correctional Institution of the Correctional Services Department for the clinical practice of mindfulness in the psychological treatment of female Drug Addiction Treatment Centre (DATC) inmates. A cheque presentation ceremony cum a visit to the DATC in Hei Ling Chau was organized on 24 May 2017. President Agnes Koon presented the cheque to the Assistant Commissioner (Rehabilitation), Mr Raymond Tang
Zontian Agnes Koon joined the celebration of the Year of the Monkey at the annual spring reception of Caritas-Hong Kong on 22 February 2016 which was opened with a lion dance and officiated by Mrs Regina Leung and John Cardinal Tong Hon. Next to Agnes Koon are Ms Maggie Chan, Director, Social Work, Service Division, Caritas and Ms Angie Lai, Service Head,Family Service, Caritas.

17 June 2016

The Zonta Club of Kowloon has, over the years, collaborated with the Correctional Services Department (CSD) in rehabilitation of female inmates. On invitation of the CSD, Zontian Lolita Ng, Chairperson of the Social Services Department, represented the Club to attend the Passing-out Parade held on 17 June 2016 at Tung Tau Staff Training Centre, Stanley.

4 March 2017

President Agnes Koon presented a cheque of $102,600 to the Founder & CEO of Hong Kong Cancer Fund. The charitable donation, designated to the 'Keep Moving' Project, assists breast cancer patients in achieving body and mind wellbeing. In April - July 2017, they would receive in-depth education through workshops and physical exercise to minimise the adverse side effects of the disease and treatment e.g. fatigue, upper lymphoedema, hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety, depression, etc. The Active Health Clinic, institute of Human Performance of the University of Hong Kong contributes to the professional aspects and the assessment of the quality of life and health conditions of the participants at the end of the project. President Agnes Koon, Chairperson of Social Services Committee, Lolita Ng and Zontians Winnie Teoh, Y C Choy, Julianne Doe, Cecilia Kuk, Claire Liu, Corina Tsang, Fannia Woo and Julia Chan, attended the Kick Off Ceremony of the 'Keep Moving' Project at the CancerLink Centre.

6 September 2016

Zn Lolita Ng & Doreen Kong met the representatives of the Correctional Services Department to discuss the project to set up a mindfulness centre in Nei Kwu Correctional Institution for drug related inmates. The ZCK finally supported to establish centre with a Fund of $60,000. Project in progress.


The COVID-19 pandemic has been lingering for over two years with five waves of outbreaks in Hong Kong. During each outbreak, our Club took the initiative to identify the needs of the community and implement projects for various groups as required. Please refer to detail of projects below. Care packs of hand sanitiser, masks, stationeries, toys, and festive items were donated during various outbreaks to different target groups such as elderly, women, and children. With our support, it is hoped that women, who are the psychological pillars of families, will be relieved during these difficult times. Our Club is currently supporting over 40,000 beneficiaries through sponsorship of over HK$1 Million.

Harmony House - Care in Action 1.0

(A) Donate care packs for 100 families from the Women Shelter including the in house residents and ex-residents in May 2020


Harmony House - Care in Action 1.0

(B) Help to execute Area 2 project for 100 vulnerable families suffered from domestic violence in May 2020


Harmony House - Care in Action 2.0 (Mid-autumn festival) (September 2020)

Donate care packs for families from Women Shelter and vulnerable families suffered from domestic violence to enhance their family relationship during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The care packs included moon cake, supermarket coupons and other items. The second phase aimed.


Harmony House - Care in Action 3.0 + (Home Sweet Homes) (February 2021)

Donate household appliance coupons each of $2,500 to subsidize the purchase of needy electrical appliances refrigerator or washer for service users, separated or divorced families. In addition, we provided self-strengthening skills training, legal support, employment training, financial literacy, counselling service, peer and social support for rebuilding the confidence of women suffered during this period of hard time.

This project of Harmony House “Zonta Care In Action 1,2,3” got the Merit Award of Social Service Local Project Award in the District 17 Conference in September 2021.


Caritas Project Hyacinth project for the vulnerable unwed mothers and their young children, etc

Donate surgical face masks (adult/children) and plastic gloves etc. to the vulnerable/ distressed young mothers and their young children in connection with Project Hyacinth for Residents Help Centre in Southern District and Kwai Chung in May 2020. 150 families are benefited.

Caritas Ngau Tau Kok Community Centre for the elderly and children (May 2020)

Caritas Project Hyacinth project for the vulnerable unwed mothers and their young children, etc

- Donate care packs (surgical face mask, noodles, can of luncheon meat, toilet paper, and basic necessities etc.) to 400 elderly living alone in Ngau Tau Kok or Kwun Tong District.

- Donate care packs (children surgical face masks, educational toys e.g. chess, puzzles, drawing book plus drawing pencils, handicrafts, stationery, snacks, vitamin C supplement, etc.) to 250 children living with their families at in the Kwun Tong District.

April 2022

Donated surgical masks, hand sanitizers, alcohol towels for 500 school children of underprivileged families upon reopening of schools in during fifth outbreak in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Women Foundation Ho Kwok Pui Chun Social Centre for the elderly ZCK donated care packs (surgical masks, hand sanitizer, supermarket coupons) to 500 elderly living alone or with another elderly on Hong Kong Island in June 2020.


Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy Foundation Limited for providing e-music learning to children aged 5 - 9 (K3 to P.3) (May 2020)

"Music Connects" Education package (booklets and promotional material) would be distributed to the target group, coupled with E-learning devices (e.g. iPad) and internet access. Children may continue learning though home bound as schools are closed during the COVID period. Music is also a good pressure relief and soothing tool. Hot-line will be set up to answer enquiries of school kids. Around 300,000 school kids of aged 5-9 will be benefited.

There were 8351 children from more than 70 schools and organisations joined the project. 14 e-learning devices (tablets/I pads) were lent out, and two sponsorships were granted for internet connectivity. The Music Connects videos on YouTube hit more than 324,000 views in total, with 700 photo and video submissions. The project was further covered by Apple Daily on 30 April 2020.

Through these activities, children are encouraged to re-explore the surroundings and the happenings of their daily lives and a way to adapt to the new order of life under Covid-19. These artistic activities become the new spectacles through which children can discover inspiring, artistic and positive perspectives amid adversity and overwhelming changes. As a whole, this project empowered the children and their families to develop resilience and humanistic values, such as empathy, altruism and civic responsibility, during the current global adversity.

March 2022

During fifth outbreak when schools were closed, our club sponsored another phase for 8,000 children aged 5-9, with priority given to under-privileged children and families.

Pok Oi Hospital 同心前行 抗疫計劃 (July 2020)

Donate surgical masks, hand sanitizer and protective clothing to seven elderly homes, with 15,000 staff and elderlies (who are mostly women) benefited during the third wave of COVID-19 outbreak occurred in the elderly homes.

Pok Oi Hospital 抗疫送暖喜迎新 (February 2021)

Donate surgical mask, hand sanitizer, snack, scarf and mitten for elderlies residing in remote villages residing in New Territories, during fourth outbreak when there was a cold wave in winter, so that they can share the warmth of Chinese New Year.

March 2022

Sponsored no less than 2,000 Rapid antigen test kits for the elderlies residing in elderly homes suffered most under the fifth outbreak in Hong Kong.
May 2022

Seek sponsorship of Hong Kong Jockey Club for buying rice, noodle, rice dumplings and hand sanitizer for residents of Po Tin Estate in Tuen Mun.

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