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20th Zonta International District 17 Conference

Hong Kong, 5-7 October 2019

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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Message from the President

President I would like to express my utmost gratitude to the Zonta Club of Kowloon for giving me the honour to have been elected as the President of our Club for the 2018-2020 Biennium. I am indebted to my predecessors for having given me wisdom and support throughout my time in the Club and I hope that my term will continue to build upon and develop their successes.

Since joining the Zontian family, I dedicate my effort to look after the Golden Z and Z Clubs. I am grateful for the award of setting up the Golden Z Club in Lingnan University and Z Club of Maryknoll Convent School in 2003.

Having come from the Golden Z Club, I have been blessed with the opportunity to witness first-hand the work and development of the club as both a mentee and a mentor. Thus, I know fully the impact that Zonta has had on the women of our society and the success that it has had with giving young women the chance to achieve their full potentials. I aim to continue the good work and develop it further where possible.

With the success we have had over the past two years, we must also remind ourselves that success is not final. The goals of our Club are to promote women’s empowerment and to help the underprivileged, issues which are ever present in our society. Therefore, we must also be ever vigilant in our mission of advancing the status of women in Hong Kong.

May I take this opportunity to send my heartiest gratitude to our Honorary Patron Prof. Sophia Chan, JP, Secretary for Food and Health for her support today. Indeed it is a great encouragement to us.

I would also like to express my sincere thanks to all our Zontian dignitaries, VIP guests, friends, and fellow Zontians, in blessing this ceremony with your presence. We look forward to working with you to bring ourselves one step closer in turning our goals into realities.

Irene Ho

President, 2018-2020

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